Popular wedding trends we will be seeing more of in 2023

The clock has reset, the bubbly has been drunk, and you and or your fiancé are rocking some new hardware in the new year. Congrats to you! The new year brings about new opportunities and new ideas. Wedding trends are no different: here’s a look at some of the top trends you can expect to see at weddings, large, or small, near or far this upcoming season.

1. A private dance

This is one of my personal favorites that’s why it’s number one. A private dance is the final song of the night with just the bride and groom. The remaining guests leave the dance floor to stand by and watch as the lovebirds declare themselves forever. If you’re looking to do a private last dance, make sure you tell your videography and photography team, because depending on the number of hours you’ve booked the teams for, they may end their night before your last dance.

groom dips bride, amid private dance, wedding reception, Aldridge botanical gardens

2. The non-traditional guestbook.

I’m personally a fan of the guestbook, it gives you a chance to go back and look to see who was there, the well-wishes they may have left for you, and any special words of inspiration they may have wanted to share with you and your spouse. but things are changing and the nontraditional guestbook is a great way to incorporate all of those special memories with a twist:

I was at a wedding in Marietta and I shot guests leaving messages on an old rotary phone and I thought it was so cute! The messages left were all recorded and at the end of the day, the phone and the messages went home with them. Another wedding I shot in Scottsboro, Alabama incorporated a tablecloth linen as an alternative to the traditional guestbook. The linen was signed with marker pens by all who attended.

3. Splits galore.

Brides are often showing a little bit more leg these days choosing---often paired with long, flowy gowns ---some hidden, some not.

groom twirls new bride on dance floor, bridal party looks on, hispanic groom
groom whispers to bride in ear, bridal head piece, lace wedding gown with split, silver, sparkly shoes, wedding day

4. Destination weddings

Destination weddings are neither new nor inherently unique, many couples are opting to book a destination wedding, as opposed to a traditional wedding to help cut costs and keep down health concerns. Covid changed the game for a lot of things, and the wedding industry was no different. Travel restrictions, new guidelines, and smaller weddings thrust destination weddings, further into the spotlight, providing couples with a chance to not only enjoy their wedding but their honeymoon as well.

5. Disposable cameras.

Disposable cameras allow the couple to see their wedding through the eyes of their guests. Often times cameras are provided at the door upon entrance or at guest tables. Traditional rolls of film have about 24 to 30 shots. They'll take them from unique perspectives and if you have 10 tables and 24 rolls of film, you have 2400 unique photos that your photographer and videographer team may not have captured because it comes from the eyes of people who know you most!

What trends are you seeing this year, and what are some things that you like that you would like to see let us know.