Treat yourself to a luxurious experience!

Boudoir by Gray Manor


Our Birmingham, Alabama based boudoir studio was founded on one principal: LOVE THYSELF!

What to expect

So you're curious...


But extremely nervous and uncertain.

I assure you, that is PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Check out a few of the behind-the-scenes shots of my session with Mrs. L.

is boudoir right for me?

Boudoir is an intimate portrait session that allows everyone, male and female, a chance to tap into a different side of themselves.

  While we don't discriminate (unless you're underage) we service women 25+ from all walks of life, including mothers, accountants, teachers, and neighbors!

Everyone's reason for choosing boudoir is different, but the end result is always the same: an amazing time, with new memories both mental and physical.

The only thing that's required is willingness and readiness.

Your session your way

Boudoir photography isn't about having the perfect body, the perfect smile, OR the perfect outfit.

It is about digging deep and reclaiming your femininity.

While that may look different for everyone, I can promise you, this session...YOUR session, will be catered to YOU.


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