Wedding planning can be a pretty isolating event. And the people we love are often more often than eager to help, but excepting that help can be more than a notion. We all remember that middle school project that crashed and burned because classmates couldn’t get along. When the project tanked...the weight of it fell on the shoulders of one or two students who had spent the bulk of the project simply trying to rally the troops..

Hear me when I say...your wedding is not, and should not be that project! 

It's your special day: full of love, laughter, and plenty of special memories. While many brides prefer to DIY, there are times when releasing control is best for the team and your mental health.

Delegation is crucial when it comes to efficiently executing and alleviating the overall stress of wedding planning. 

Before you start delving into wedding details or a few things, you should consider:

1.) the source

2.) the skills

I'd also like to point out, the who matters as much as the persons, skills, or abilities.

For instance, your sister may be an amazing decorator! Her vision and execution may be what dreams are made of. But before you ask her to take on your Disney-inspired Cinderella wedding, make sure you understand all of the responsibilities and timelines decorators must adhere to when planning an event. Oftentimes decorators are given access to the space only hours before the event. If you want your dear sister in any bridal portraits or pre-wedding photos, she likely won't be available.

And let's face it, the last thing you want is for dear old sis to be laying lace, and floral displays while missing the most critical getting-ready portraits. Now, you may be saying, I don't have a sister, but you know what I mean...Your sister can be represented by any person dear to you, including friends, aunts, or extended relatives... this person...whomever he or she may be should be in your official bridal tribe, not trudging in the trenches when they are needed most. Trust me when I say you want you may want this person at your side, providing words of encouragement, subtle, jabs, or whichever one best describes your relationship. 

Hire people for the job, or delegate people to the job whose presents you won’t miss during your day. The same thing goes for any other pivotal, one-off job needed to kick your wedding day off like your makeup artist, hairstylist, or florist. Our circles are brimming with talent, so definitely look inward for your vendor pool, but only if you're sure you won't need that person to help you in an attending fashion. 

Regardless, of who, or how you choose to staff your wedding vendor list, keep the lines of communication open. While feelings may be hurt, you want to make sure you tell people why you chose to go in another direction. Be clear and honest about your wife, and be prepared if the answer is not well received. 

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