When Two Become One

From beginning to end, Gray Manor captures your wedding day in a way that allows you to enjoy your day. Our team blends in with your wedding crowd, which allows us the ability to tell your story in a way that's unique to you. Whether you require photography or videography, we've got you covered!

This allows you peace of mind and ability to enjoy your day, while being present with your family and friends. 

All the while creating memorable family heirlooms for you!

Feature Weddings

“We capture your wedding day in a documentary style, that allows you to relive your special moments year after year.”

Wedding Films

We shoot those too!

Gray Manor Creatives provides documentary wedding filmmaker with an eye for the elegant.

We aim to document your wedding in a manner that is stylish, memorable and custom by using a combination of breathtaking videography carefully blended cinematic storytelling techniques, along with our one-of-a-kind innovative editing process to create a beautiful memory that you’ll cherish for years to come!

Our wedding videography films highlight the most intimate and important moments of your special day. And because we pride ourselves on the importance of getting the job done right! Since we only accept 10 wedding couples to film, per year, you can rest assured your film will have 100% of our best work!

Because of who we are, and where we got our start, Gray Manor Creatives strives to capture your most treasured memories using the principles of the three D’s: Document, Details & Deadlines.

We’re easy to work with, adaptable, and strive to remain virtually unnoticeable during your special day.

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