Dress for Success!

Booking a portrait session during the winter months can be an amazing experience!

Humidity is low (hello sleek hairdo!)

The sun is not scalding (goodbye unnecessary shine)

And any photographer worth his or her salt is always looking for a reason to encourage snuggling.

Make a plan

All outfits should coordinate and compliment moms.

Matchy matchy is out, but complimentary is totally in.

Dress for your body type. If you're not comfortable and find yourself fidgeting, it'll show in your photos.

Make sure your shoes match your location. Heels are great, but not as amazing if you're shooting in a wooded, potentially muddy area.

Dress in layers. Wind swept hair is great, chilled to the bones is not.

  • Dress in layers as needed based on the weather. Late fall, the temps can get really cold so think about incorporating cute hats and mittens for the family to wear in the photos.
  • Think about shoes! Shoes are important too as they will be in the photos as well. In the right setting and weather conditions, barefoot can also work great.
  • If your little girl is wearing a dress, have them wear either leggings, small shorts or a diaper cover/bloomers underneath. We don’t want undies or diapers to show.
  • When in doubt, reach out to your photographer for some styling tips!

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