COVID 19, Coronavirus, 'Rona, whatever label you choose to use, the reality is still pretty much the same: quarantine for the unforeseeable future.

But if you think about it, the forced lockdowns have given us something we are often in short supply of...time.

If only for a week or two we get to avoid the hustle and bustle of Highway 280 and trade it in for a few more days of sleeping in, eating whatever's in the fridge, lounging around PJ's, and spending time with loved ones; we may be more pleasant to one another.

Now, I can't leave out the obvious factor in this, in that, we are not lounging along...but bear with me.


When Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced schools would not return from Spring Break, I nearly fell down. How would I educate my kids, while still trying to keep things afloat?

I hemmed and hawed, and headed over to Pinterest to let my mind wander, and that's when it hit me. We'll unschool a lot, and supplement with workbooks and YouTube where we can.


Unschooling is many things, but the gist is, it's a non-traditional approach to learning.

For instance, I've already decided this week we'll be doing some earth science. We'll kick it off by learning about the parts of a plant. It was something I already had planned, pre-'Rona, so let's all figure this out together.

For math, we're going to cook! Preferably something frosted, but it's not a requirement.

What IS a requirement is the need for fractions! See what I did there? My youngest will learn how to read fractions, and use measuring utensils, and my oldest will get the chance to dig a little further and learn about conversions and how they can make or break a recipe.

Will we make a mess? Probably. Will we Mess up? It's pretty likely, but let's be honest. What else is there to do?


If you're looking for more structured work, there are plenty of things online. My personal favorite is They have lesson guides (for the non-teacher parent in you) printable workbooks, games, as well as educational activities with prompts for you. Right now, their premium service is free.

If you'd prefer something more interactive....ABCYa & Starfall are great for elementary school kids.

For older kids, I like Kahn Academy. I ran across their site a few years back while trying to teach my oldest a math problem I'd long since forgotten. It's an online platform that provides video instruction for the main subjects (hello? New Math anyone?!) As well as non-traditional subjects such as How to Code, and Personal Finance.


I'm note telling you this is going to be the most fun you've ever experienced. But I am telling you this situation does provided a much needed break for you and your family.

And, look on the bright side, the weather is getting warmer, and soon we will all be knocking on Summer's door and Gray Manor Photography will be here waiting to help you capture those new memories with a family portrait session, or two.